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We are committed to providing excellent customer service and timely, accurate financial information to assist others in achieving UCLA’s core mission of education, research and service. 

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Reports are usually posted by month end for the previous month reporting period.  Check the schedule to see when the monthly reports have been posted.

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Find necessary forms such as those listed below: 

  •  PAR
  •  Recharge Order Request
  •  Z Payment/Transfer Request
  •  Z Payment (Division only) 

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Additional campus resources are available below.


   • Accounts Payable
   • BruinBuy 
   • Corporate Accounting
   • Object Code Search
   • Payroll
   • Purchasing
   • Travel
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     How do I gain access to enter
       BruinBuy orders and recharges?

    • Is alcohol allowed at business

    • Can I charge courtesy parking
       fees to University Funds for an







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