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We have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions to the Finance Office.  If you do not see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us.

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Who is my fund manager?

Refer to the Contact Us > by Fund Group section

Who is my DSA?

Jason Huang and Julie Schaefer are the DSAs for all non-contract and grant funds.

Christine Lavoie and Joe Hucke are the DSAs for all contract and grant funds.


How do I gain access to a UCLA online system?

Contact the DSA.


How do I gain access to QDB/EDB?

At this time, we only provide access to exceptional requests for QDB.  Contact Jason Huang and provide him with the exceptional request.  Access to EDB is NOT provided to administrators.  Contact the appropriate fund manager for assistance with obtaining payroll information.

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How do I order a computer?

The process of purchasing a computer has been centralized to the IT Office to ensure proper compliance with University policy regarding security.  Contact Diana Beltran at (310) 825-7084 for assistance.


Can I pay a gift card to a University employee for a job well done?

UCLA departments can request gift cards or deposits on BruinCard for Employee Recognition and Reward Programs (ERRP).  Check the policy here for more information.


What are the restrictions on giving a gift to a University employee?

It is the policy of the University that gifts related to the following events may be presented to an employee and must be NON-CASH in nature:

1.     Employee recognition.  These awards limited to $75/person are meant to be occasional and should be provided within an established recognition program and based on objective criteria to remain nondiscriminatory.  

2.     Length of Service.  The award must be given for length of service achievement.  The recipient must have completed at least 5 years of service and must not have received a similar length of service gift in any of the prior four years.

3.     Retirement.  An item of tangible personal property may be presented to an employee upon his or her retirement from the University. This does not apply to farewell gifts.  The awards must be awarded as part of a meaningful ceremony, and should not be determined based on an employee’s classification.

4.     Sympathy.  Gifts of tangible personal property, such as flowers, may be presented as an expression of sympathy in the event of the death or major illness of an employee or a member of the employee’s family or household. A similar type gift may be provided to recognize a birth. The cost of such gifts is limited to $75.

Examples of unallowable awards and gifts include the following:

Gifts of cash, except donations to a charity as an expression of sympathy, 

Negotiable gift certificates and cards, 

Gift certificates and cards for services,     

Recreation memberships, 

Season tickets to sporting or cultural events, and 

Gifts provided to employees in connection with birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, 

farewells, graduations and other occasions of a personal nature.


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Can we reimburse an employee for his/her parking permit at UCLA?

Compensating for employee parking is a violation of university policy. Parking requests should not be submitted through Courtesy Parking for any employee on pay status. Reimbursement will be sought from the employee or the charging department or division for any such expenses found to be charged to university-controlled funds. These types of transactions are subject to internal audit review.

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What is the maximum meal allowance for entertainment?

The maximum meal allowances per person are as follows:

Breakfast $27
Lunch $47
Dinner $81
Light Refreshment $19

What should be included in an entertainment order?

The description should include:

1.  The date and location of the event

2.  The business justification and purpose of the event.  

3.  The name of the host and participants

4.  The type of expense (breakfast, lunch, dinner or light refreshment)

Is alcohol allowed in business meetings?

Alcohol is generally not allowed at business meetings unless there is a strong business justification.  Reimbursement for alcohol purchased during an entertainment business meeting may only be made from unrestricted funds.  Reimbursement from state funds is not allowed.

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Can I pay for something out of pocket and get reimbursed later?

Use of employee's personal funds and reimbursements for procurement of goods or services is discouraged.  Please note that not all purchase of  items is reimbursable.  Before incurring a personal expense, please consult with either your fund manager to verify whether you may be reimbursed for the item.

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